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"... His attention to detail really captures the depth of the subject,

and his creativity adds such flair to the shots you end with after a shoot."

I’m Dan, the guy with the camera. My motivation is passion; my camera never leaves my side. I’ve done shoots of families, bands, pets, aspiring models and hopefully one day, of you!

So, what have I been doing?

I’ve been to Paris, captured the majesty of Moscow and been wowed by Croatia’s Roman Architecture. I’ve shot the weary train travellers and the drop of water on a rainy day. I can do unobtrusive, be right up close, or work in a photojournalistic style. But if you ask me to jump off a cliff, I’m not the kind of guy to say yes!

No shoot is too bizarre for me.

I love texture, the ocean, sprawling landscapes and fussy subjects. Importantly, I’m never afraid of a blank canvas – it only makes the end result that much more exciting.

I use the best gear I can afford, which is better than most. I’m formally trained but I’m still self-teaching. I’m laid back without being lazy and professional without being one of those stiff-suited types.

I love capturing the parts of life that are normally forgotten or purposefully left behind. I like the colourful and the monochrome, the fantasy and the hard reality.

Join me on a shoot, have some fun and let me show you what I see.